The Even Keel Project provides each of its locations with a fleet of six keel boats to base its operations around.  These boats have been selected because their design and key attributes have a fantastic synergy with the Project's aims and objectives.

The Rogers designed Artemis 20 was designed and built to be accessible to all and can be sailed in a number of different formats, which are listed below, catering for almost any type of disability with the smallest of adjustments to the control mechanism. Apart from this the boat is otherwise unchanged, meaning both disabled and able bodied sailors are competing on a level playing field. As well as being functional these boats are also very beautiful and therefore desirable to sail by all.

The Artemis 20 is a stunning looking boat in a black GRP format that has been specifically designed with both able bodied and disabled sailors in mind.   Designed around the America’s Cup yacht lines the boat can be used for teaching, training, match racing, and fleet racing. The boat is highly competitive with its peers as well as being incredibly strong with a unique 15mm core hull, a requirement that normally only applies to larger yachts.

The Boat

The Artemis 20 was designed by Simon Rogers and built to be accessible to all. By making a few small adjustments to the control mechanism the boat can be sailed by people with a wide range of disabilities, making it an ideal platform for both the able bodied and disabled sailor to compete on a level playing field.  As well as being functional these boats are also stunning to look and great fun to operate making them highly desirable to sail by all.

Seated Mode

Seated Mode

The boat can be sailed in ‘seated’ or ‘conventional’ mode or a combination of the two.
In seated mode two canting seats are fitted onto fixed rails that allow the seats not only to heel over to either side but can be slid forward or aft to fit each sailor;s need. The mainsheet can be positioned anywhere along the boom so either crew or helm can control it.

Standard Mode

Standard Mode

A simple conversion from seated to standard mode. The seats are slid off the rail and the steering mechanism changed to a standard tiller fitted to the rudder stock. A toe rail is fitted in the deck recess which allows the sailors to sit on the rail, however hiking is not allowed in the class rules. In this mode speeds of nearly 18 knots were recorded during the JP Morgan round the island race.



The Sip-Puff system has been adapted for use within the marine industry, based on relays that are activated by a simple command of blowing or sucking into a combination of straws that control winch motors, tillers and navigation equipment. This can be easily fitted and is currently in use on Hilary Lister's own Artemis 20 'Me Too'.


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